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Saturday, May 22, 2004


aku sedih sikit hari ni...

baru seminggu lalu aku berdebat dgn fans liverpool kat chatroom.
Topik? Jual Owen atau Heskey?
Aku seperti biasa, jadi pencetus! Aku nyer statement, Houllier akan buat BIGGEST MISTAKE IN HIS LIFE (lagi besar dr drop Ginola lepas France kalah!)... bila dia lepaskan Heskey ke Birmingham. Aku kata "Liverpool will be better off without Owen than Heskey" & suddenly 75% fans liverpool attack aku!

Dorang fail to accept the fact yg:

1/ Both equally young, peak years 27-28 still long way to go.

2/ Heskey jauh lebih hardworking.

3/ Heskey NEVER give up chasing unlike Owen.

4/ Owen too fragile, being a finisher, lagi susah nak recover from injuries & form-loss.

5/ Owen will fetch higher transfer fee, maser ni rumours were... B'ham offer 3M pounds je for Heskey... (actual fee, 6.5M)

6/ Chances Owen return to Liverpool (ala Rush) lepas 2-3 tahun oversea, lebih tinggi dari chances Heskey return after 2-3 thn kat Birmingham. (2-3 tahun from now they shud b reaching their peak)

Too them, Owen = Liverpool. To me.. nowadays, Gerrard is Liverpool.

Bg aku Owen still 1 of the world's best, but lacks confidence. Leh nampak sekali dier konfiden in a match, till 90th minute dia konfiden! Tapi kalo things not going his way, time to baru nampak yg dia human after all.

& after coming back from injury, all we sportspersons know how cautious we are. takut injured balik tempat tu! being Owen, kena salute jugak yg dia boleh put all those injuries out of his mind. groin, hamstring, knee, calf, ankle... sumer dah lalui! & he's physical built + mission in every match, just beg for more injuries. kengkadang kesian gak tgk, tp kalo dah ko highest paid footballer in britain, u shud b expecting d worst.


back to "bruno"... dr kecik reds fan, liverpool record purchase, most under-rated player, sven-goran eriksson first choice forward!

Energetic, Marauding, Impressive, Lively, Enterprising!

good luck & farewell emille, we'll miss u.



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