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Thursday, May 27, 2004


so, they won. things wud hav been different if Giuly scored, & didnt get himself injured after just 20 minutes plus... but then again, CHAMPS r not made of ifs & buts.

While Monaco's Prso an enterprising player who's tall but average with headers, he certainly cudnt replace d captain. Meanwhile Rothen certainly looked lost without his partner in crime.

Credit shud b given to Maurinho who plotted well in countering Monaco's counter-attacks. Double-team certainly d name of d game for Porto while defending & all contributed in closing d space down to shackle d quick Frenchies.

So the game started well enuff for Monaco, with Giuly missing a good chance to put them ahead. Then the injury! True to their reputation as comeback fighters they certainly looked enterprising enuff to overcame dat... till the 1st goal. Show me a centre back who clears gently, i'll show u d setting up of an ez goal. Dats xactly what happend! Up till then Monaco didnt look like dey missed Giuly. Like i said, up till then...

Going in 0-1 & missing ur inspirational captain & move-starter certainly not d best scenario for a coach. & i wud imagine Deschamps telling his players to b patient & careful in search of d equalizer. Patient dey were, careful dey werent!

Monaco probed cautiously around Porto's last 3rd but d final ball alwez well read by Baia. & certainly enuff, time proved again (& again) dat Monaco can b caught by quick breaks demselves. With the game being halted a few times on both sides' 3rd of d field, finally Porto breached d defence line from d centre circle.

Suddenly its 3 vs 3 counterattack situation! Monaco certainly more accustomed to being d attacking side & when dey had to defend against diz dey failed miserably. He recieved d final ball near d penalty spot, looked right, slammed d ball left, dummying both defender & keeper to d opposite side! Superb finishing!

0-2 down with bout 20 minutes to go. They had Giuly when dey came back against Real Madrid & Chelsea! Morientes weakness when it comes to passing bcame more obvious than ever. & certainly from another quick break, another 3 vs 3 situation! dis time a fortunate deflection off a retreating defender put Alenithcev thru... 1-to-1 with keeper... in this situation, keepers shudnt stop rushing out after advancing 4 steps forward, but Roma certainly did! he somehow forgotten d physics of a ball travelling towards goal; i.e. it gets closer to d keeper than to d chasing attacker!.. & Alenitchev gleefully accepted d gift! 0-3!

so d rest of d match drifted fruitlessly for Monaco & painfully slow for Porto. Close-ups on the coaches r pretty perplexing. Maurinho thinking whether he'll b in London or Liverpool, Didier too contemplating a move to Chelsea, while Morientes looks like hes contemplating very hard on whether he'll still b among the Frenchies at d principality on a nother season-long loan or... he'll end up having just Deschamps as a familiar face with him at Chelsea (& probably RCarlos joining him ther!) come next season.

btw, remind me not to declare my support to d team dat i want to win. since i started dis blog its 2 wins outta 2, to d teams dat i wanted to end up losing!

some 1 asked me d other day, "what happened to d Boy who cudnt stop predicting?"
He grew old, became too superstitious & now delving into reverse psyching himself!

Neway... i guess dat brings down d curtains for season 2003-04. next time i blabber bout footie wud b re: euro2004.

here's to Le Coq!