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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Too Bad 4u GH...


so happy lah kot grup GH-haters!? how silly u guyz r?!

on my part, aku pro-GH. aku leh habiskan berjam2 debate defend GH. & now he's gone. org terperanjat, not me. it's all became very clear the moment Heskey was allowed to leave. OK, so Liverpool got 6.5M for him... still, that should b a sign that GH will soon follow. GH takkan nak lepaskan Heskey. Not unless he knows he'll b going of soon too. Its all in the cards when Liverpool lost to Marseilles, if you had been joining the forum then you would've known. am i sad? certainly not! even more if im GH. dia dapat 1 million pounds!

ada rakan aku sorang yg seolah terkejut GH kena sack... saying something like...: "altho he was given a target of 4th, still got sacked. there's no more gentleman in this world. money rules."
beg to differ...
2/ Reds way of sacking IS the MOST gentleman of all. Its just that us mere mortals are being kept away from the truth. For the sake of fans harmony. WE FANS tend to be the last ones to know... (if you're not in the forums, i mean). Remember Becks to Real "rumours"? How ManU tried very hard in denying them? Same case here, GH knew about this long before the last 4 games. Like before him, Evans knew he was going out, thats y GH was his co-manager, to familiarise him with "THE Liverpool Way". Souness? He simply HAD TO GO, & even the tea-lady knows about it! Dalglish RESIGNED due to clash between him & Beardsley (actually, their wives!) Joe Fagan was retained in the Boot-room, need I go on? Thats y Reds only had 6 managers since the Great Shanks!
3/ as for money rules... that goes for the ManUs, Chelseas & Real Madrids of the world! If money rules at Liverpool, Steve Morgan IS NOW the new owner! he offered more than Thaksin! But unlike some clubs which changes jersey EVERY YEAR, BESIDES HAVING THEM IN ALL COLOURS (white, grey, black, red & blue are a must!) & keeps on introducing them thru out d season to poor gullible fans; Reds think of their blue-collar supporters.
(btw, LFC sdg mempertimbangkan utk terima Lacoste sbg sponsors baru selepas Reebok! harga jersi sehelai...80 pounds! Aku dah pernah berdebat kat forum hal ni jugak... in fact hantar emel direct kat Parry & GH, bgtau kat M'sia... RM500 boleh beli 1 suit coat!)

so... back to GH.

i can write & write all day bout GH, dunno y but it seemed like we do share some ideas!

in my next posting i'll make a detailed report of all his transfer dealings. some of u ignorants will b surprised to know that GH actually knew what he was doing! those buys are certainly much better than Veron, Forlan, Kleberson, Barthez, Howard, Djemba2... did i only mention ManU players? oh, i did!