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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Bila Si-Fakir Dah Jadi Kaya

Semalam dlm news bola, ada 2 org yg menarik minat...

Roberto Carlos & Rivaldo.

Kes #1? Roberto Carlos vs Real Madrid.
Real Madrid offer: PST90,000 seminggu utk 2 thn, & club's option + lg 2 thn.
RC demand: PST90,000 seminggu utk 4 thn.
Masalahnya, bukan RC x tau. Cuma dia x nak accept club nyer perspektif.
To quote RC: "But I'm 31 & my career path would not allow me to accept this kind of thing!"
I imagine RM's argue wud b: "But he's 31 & the club's policy would not allow us to accept this kind of thing!"
RC konfiden dier leh bertahan macam Maldini sampai 36 main leftback, RM takut dier injured & tepaxa bersara or simply lose form & sit out remainder kontrek makan gaji buta!

kes #2
Rivaldo vs Celtic
Rivaldo dlm sibuk2 nak ke Bolton tiba2 dah semangat sebab Celtic ingat nak amek dier! Tapi... Celtic yg nak ke US pre season utk tourney vs Liverpool, Porto & Ajax, nak Rivaldo lalui trial 3 match kat US tu dulu sebelum offer contract.
Melenting lah dia!
To quote agent dia, Carlos Arime: "How dare Martin O'Neill ask Rivaldo to go for a trial... Thats an insult to my client & to football. (He) has been 1 of the best players in the world for many years & i dont think he needs to play some friendly games in order to prove himself."
If I'm Martin I imagine I wud say: "How dare he says that he dont need to prove himself? Altho being paid PST150,000 per week by AC Milan, he cant even get onto the bench as a sub! Like his agent said, he HAS BEEN... & to me if he cant prove himself in friendlies against Euro Champs, & other fast-paced traditional Euro giants, how can he say that he's fit to play in the Scottish League?" But then I'm not Martin...

Pemain veteran Brazil sekarang, especially yg dah merasa kemewahan dah jadi BESAR KEPALA.



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