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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Lepas Tenet Siapa Pulak?

George Tenet's resignation surprised many yesterday. According to d Guardian, even Dick Cheney, Colin Powell & Condoleeza Rice were only informed yesterday morning in a meeting with President Bushit. Readers of a little known website, however, knew last Tuesday 25th May that George Tenet's resignation was imminent.

D story publicly available at advised readers that d resignation of Tenet, s well s those of Powell and Richard Armitage, were inevitable. It further alleged, according to information provided, that d Bushit Admin trio were to resign because their involvement in a plot to assassinate Bushit, & perhaps others, had been uncovered.

ThoughtCrimeNews understandably hedged somewhat with d story, leaving events to confirm the veracity of its sources' claims, not all of which have been published. Readers of the story from Tuesday will, however, have more of an idea of d true reasons for Tenet's departure than d White House press corps.

Some observers r now privately predicting that Powell & Armitage will resign together next week. Should they both resign as predicted, many internet news-hounds will see d Bushit admin shake-up very differently from d view taken by d mainstream media. Despite numerous allegations against Tenet regarding possible involvement in d 9/11 attacks, of covering up d real extent of Iraqi WMD and of having involvement in d `Abu Ghraib photographs', his explanation that he was going for personal reasons seems 2b accepted at face value by d unquestioning mainstream media.

Tenet is quoted as saying "It was a personal decision, and had only one basis in fact: the well being of my wonderful family, nothing more and nothing less." He didnt resign over any of d failures or other black-ops over which he presided. No director of CIA is an angel but Tenet in particular was at d helm during US's darkest days. Despite all this, he plainly felt it unnecessary to answer for anything that happened on his watch.

Tenet's sudden desire to attend to d well being of his family may give rise to speculation that he was advised of d merits of resigning quietly, rather than fight a rear-guard action. Whilst d version of events presented here may seem preposterous to some, it should be noted that only 10 days ago it would have seemed far-fetched to many observers d suggestion that Tenet would resign before d 2004 Prez election at all. Yet yesterday he resigned earlier than anyone expected, citing his personal reasons.

Speculation has now shifted to who d replacements may b. James Woolsey is tipped to replace him at the CIA. Woolsey would be a bi-partisan fave, having first served as CIA Director under Clinton." Other suggestions incl John Bolton replacing Powell at State Dept.

D inevitable cycle and agenda of d news orgs will ensure that neither Tenet's activities at Langley nor his reason for leaving will be scrutinised. Once again, it would seem that d net has managed to scoop d mainstream media. Unfortunately, those who only read d papers will never know.