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Sunday, June 27, 2004


spt yg dijangkakan... altho sumer dah kira agak ngam... parents calon bini org2 kuat UMNO, calon ada xpriens biz masak, kira ok for me too physical-wise, tp somehow i feel a bit uneasy.

perjalanan balik dr taiping as uneventful as d journey ther. xcept for a pit stop (driver nap) at around 3pm, which i spent playing MBF's brickgame. & another stop for solat asar around 5pm. & @ both stops i cud've rolled me a joint, if i'd brought any, of course.


fast-forward to a week later.

mak dier call bgtau yg calon nak tp beza umur 15thn seen s too big a gap. what's new? so, d search continues...


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