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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

AI update

ari ni dapat emel yg memberangsangkan...

sorang sdara alumni kata yg ada Datuk kat area dia yg might b intrstd in such a thing.

tp aku lak tetiba cuak... bkn apa... sbb since d idea is highly controversial & a critic magnet, i wud like to kno 1st, Datuk tu nyer General Perspective regarding this gameshows/reality TV.

i kno that making a fool outta ourselves r part & parcel, occupational hazard if u like, for all concept creators. but still, we can minimize d possibilty.

so, now im waiting for my alumni bro to get me d Datuk's emel, while i establish my IKIM/JAKIM contx.
d former looks more conducive.


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