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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Almost believable "true" war story...

maser aku nak pinjam citer ni dari 1 UM student, his warnings were:
"Cerita yg paling bodoh yg saya beli. Menyesal beli!"

the title:Live From Baghdad
cast: Michael Keaton... no less!

kisah pasal CNN.

i think thats where my UM pal got confused.
maybe he was xpecting a war movie!
maybe he xpected Keaton to be some kinda USA's portrayal of a war hero...

fact is:
Keaton played d role of a CNN News Producer.
Masa NBC, CBS & ABC got kicked out of Baghdad bila Saddam invaded Kuwait, CNN went the other way.
Masa network lain check-out from that famous Al-Rasheed Hotel, CNN crew check in.
... & as usual, to show USA's ingenuity & Muslim's corruptability, Keaton got d room with d best view, (come Aug 16th 1991) ... facing the Info Ministry & other Iraqi Govt buildings.. obvious USA's cruise missiles & not-so-smart-bombs' targets.

when Saddam agreed to b interviewed by CNN, it was said: "...because CNN is fair."

well, HA-HA!

neway d most memorable scenes...
.. Keaton waiting whole day for a meeting with Iraqi Info Minister;
.. US embassy turned into a refugee camp (just like d 1 in Hanoi, or was it Saigon?);
.. that Aug 16th night! d night sky illuminated by AA tracers. sure brought some memories!;
.. Peter Arnott, John Wats-is-name & Richard Black-anchorman giving running commentary from their room;
.. Arnott madman rambling as he refused to follow d Iraqi soldiers who came to take him down to the basement bomb-shelter;
.. & d devastation of Baghdad the day after!

neway, moral of the story: its all biz to CNN, & boy, how they profit!

my rating: 6.75 which is slightly better than my previous movie review, on PHSM.

& thats saying a lot!

... Next!