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Friday, July 30, 2004

As Cartoonish As Can Be

Spiderman 2

i loved d 1st 1 so much that i adopted 2 of its dialogues as permanent quotes on this blog!

d sequel? it made me cry!!!

now thats new! cant remember when i ever cried watching a comic superhero movie! so i guess, i can really relate to Toby's Spidey.

u might b wondering which scene touched me? remember after he stopped the LRT (sic) on that elevated track? when they moved him back to d middle of d train a'la Jesus minus his mask... thats when it started. & when d kid said: "we wont tell" ...
man! i AM getting soft!

neway, i still dont like MaryJane, maybe its her blonde hair, maybe its her 1950s comic book name, maybe its her blandness looks, dunno! again, lotsa maybes...

however, i love that Daily Bugle Editor's sadistic & belittling dialogues.

Octo is fine, altho i felt the ending is a bit of an anticlimax. lets see, how did it go? ermm... yeah. more or less forgettable.

d action sequences? both seemed very good in martial arts, & cud have put Jackie Chan & Jet Li to shame! okaaayy... lets ignore that.

d fights had to be on a highrise (clock tower skyscraper, on LRT roof, etc.) to maximise spidey's prowess, but i had to say that, altho the CGI spidey looked human enuff.. his moves looks more cartoonish than b4. maybe its just me...

nother disappointment, cudnt find a meaningful quote in this sequel!

neway... cant wait for d next!

s that violin plucking chinagal wud sing:
"spiderman, spiderman.. what's coming next for spiderman..."

wat else? Green Goblin Jr! (mayb an insinuation to d real life Bush dynasty?)

my rating: an 8 for SFX, a 7 for story, resulting with a 7.50 overall.