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Monday, July 26, 2004


Tah ar naper cam x besy jer Copa tahun ni. Errr... pernah besy ke Copa ni?

Mungkin sebab tayang kat Msia pagi2 sangat... time org baru nak bangun or baru nak tido... mungkin tu faktor.

newy, at d start aku support Peru, sbb wanting an underdog to win, Peru cuma ada Pizzaro (injured after 1st game & retak tempurung kepala & kena balik gi treatment) & Solano. Camner pun besides soft spot for the hosts, kepala kata Argentina, hati nak Brazil menang...

after not much xcitement in term of upsets in d 1st rnd... as expected BRA coasting to victories dgn Adriano tunjuk yg dia a class above d rest & ARG gempak beating Ecuador 6-1. Paraguay however managed an "upset" 2-1 win over BRA 2nd team's 2nd stringers, after Adriano had top scored an put BRA in quarterfinals. neway my hunger for good old fighting spirit kinda football was fulfilled when PERU 2 kali down 0-2 but fight back for a 2-2 draw. 1 match stood out for mere excitement, ARG 4- 2 URU.

but in quarters & semis... ikut formbook. no surprise... in 3rd place match URU maybe upset holders COL, but in Final... something else!

BRA tunjuk a class above the rest with Adriano's 3rd min injury time equaliser... 2-2... penalty shoot-out 4-2 to BRA lepas ManU new buy Heinz missed!

so dgn itu tamatlah Copa & ARG terlepas utk jadi champions for a record 15th time, as BRA got their 7th. 

next footie talk?... olimpik?
topix re: LFC pre-season tour tomorrow vs Celtic, & start of EPL season 2004-05... kat my "U'll Nvr Walk Alone" blogspot.


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