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Friday, July 23, 2004

The (Forgetable) Chronicles of Riddick

started quite well...

but some 1/4 way... got predictable & dull.

mayb i dont like actors who hide their eyes,
mayb cos d space scenes & light speed travels physics & mechanics in this movie looked too fake, childish & amateurish,
mayb its Vin Diesel,
mayb its d not-that-frightening Necromongers,
mayb its d name Helion for a planet not abundant with Helium,
mayb its d name Crematoria for a prison planet...

lotsa maybes. but 1 thing's certain, its slightly better than "Pitch Black". mannn... gotta stop watching all these action flicks crap!

my rating for this movie: a 5 for everything! casting, SFX, characterization, story, presentation... like i said, everything! overall? obviously also a 5.00.

lets see... what's next... "Starsky & Hutch"!
hmmmm... at least more fun! roll back d 70s!...