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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Men In Skirts & Cute Chosen 1

Brad Pitt & Orlando Bloom in Troy... perfect, yummy & solid performances!

altho i wud prefer the Wooden Horse being given more spotlight & prominence.

Battle scenes r very well done.

personal duels too. oh.. btw, i luv brad's profile below!

Achilles' famous heel enabling him do his trademark volleyball-spiking lunge, nice touch!

oh, btw, Achilles wasn't killed by a single arrow at his Achilles' heel. d movie explains that misconception. Achilles was shot in the chest, broke off the jutting arrows in his chest, leaving just 1 (final shot) arrow in his ankle. & that's y d legend has it, Achilles was killed by a single arrow in his ankle!

Trust Hollywood to xplain those trivias...

my rating wud b: a 8.5 for presentation, a 4 for history/legend/myth misrepresentation, an 8 for SFX... which results in a 6.83 overall.

oh, btw, im sure u missed this 1...


so, my next movie...

The Medallion, starring Jackie Chan & an ordinary-looking but highly sweet & yummy 9 yr old chinese boy....

oh.. how i wish d boy starred in Troy too... can imagine him in ancient Greek skirt & toga... ahem...

neway... cant say i like resurrection movies. so silly, fake & illogical. but leave it to Jackie & Sammo Hung as his "Action Director", this 1 oozes with painful & unbelievable stunts. altho there were a few Special FX stuff, Jackie's trademark of performing his own stunts prevails.

d 1 on top of d Dublin Tour bus & alley chase of SnakeHead (especially when Jackie took 3 steps to overcome a 15ft iron gate!) stand out.

add to those, a fumbling but equally well-trained Irish Interpol detective, with a Michelle Yeoh - ability Chinese wife... & u have "Lethal Weapon + Ghost".

good for 2 hours... after that, only the sweet smile of budak cina gigi berlapis with taik lalat bawah dagu, that remains in our memory.

mine, at least.

my rating: 5 for story, 8 for stunts, 7 for presentation... overall 6.67


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