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Sunday, August 01, 2004

3yr old chinese movie revisited

i saw a part of this movie a few days before 9/11... my BF enjoyed it like crazy.
not me, maybe cos he's just a kid below 13, maybe cos im not pleased to d fact that he watched it at a cc (cybercafe) ~ thus spending precious $5 to watch a VCD on a PC!

neway... im talking about Shaolin Soccer.

& boy, aint it fun!

this must rank as the best (altho comical at times) Chinese SFX movie. d supposed great powers of d 5 brothers, very well drawn (it being CGI).

d matches superbly executed. altho d ending is highly predictable, d journey there is very entertaining.

if u missed it at the cinemas or on TV, i recommend u to get d pirated copy. & keep it s collection. s me & my BF did, i'm sure u & ur kids wud enjoy it too.

a 6.75 rating... not something to scoff at!


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