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Monday, August 02, 2004

Another Project Shelved!

...story of my life!

entah kenapa, lepas 1, 1 idea aku terpaxa di bekukan... or shelved, di simpan kat shelf sementara waktu.

start dgn "Malaynium" (1997), yg aku plan to do a blockbusting 7 part movie, not unlike StarWars episodes. aku dah buat sampai 600pgs in the form of novel, tapi disebabkan aku guna PC ofis, PC diformat masa aku M.I.A (missing in action), & begitu jugaklah hasil kerja aku yg noone bothered to save... my fault jugak sebab x buat backup copy! last2 Loque yg guna title tu sebelum aku utk title album Butterfingers. at least dia nak gak letak nama aku kat album cover...

then suddenly my uncle came to me telling & showing me his 3D animation projects. very impressed. he wanted a story. i had an idea. "Afiq's Key" (1999), was supposed to be Malaysia's 3D "Felix the Cat" or "Doraemon". but the cost was too high!...

then it was the 4 versions of "Pelarian" (2001), based on my own life story with my young BF. i had to freeze that 1 too. reason? Malaysia not ready for such controversy.

"P.I.N.T.A.R." (2002) was supposed to be a project for ADK. but after submitting the pilot episode and continuing with the following 3 episodes, my version was deemed to "PINTAR", & after paying for my pilot, it seemed that the production house dont have enuff budget for my scripts! well, if u want quality, u gotta pay, man! damn it! the good news was, they didnt use my script at all. so, basically, i still hold sole proprietership over the title & story.

in that same year, i came up with a blockbuster script based on KLCC & international terrorism. i wanted to do justice to our Twin Towers (which were still the tallest buildings in the world at that time), after the poor portrayal of KL & Malaysia in "Entrapment". "Ego Orang Tinggi" (2002) had to be shelved after some 200 pgs. reason #1: KLCC wont allow any more shoot based on the towers! not even Yusof Haslam! what chance would i have? even tho my tok sedara (the late TokJan) was the chairman of Petronas, i would never dream of asking any favors from arwah. reason #2: when US attacked Afghanistan, our diplomatic relations with them turned a bit sour, and since my script demands cooperation with the Americans, my prospects looked very dim indeed!

as a follow-up to "P.I.N.T.A.R.", i had made some contact with KDN. as a result, i was told that ADK would be interested in a movie about Punk culture & psychedelic substances. i came up with "oi! ~ bBuDaK PuNK" (2003), but somehow or rather it got shelved because my script was deemed to controversial & again not fit for Malaysian audience consumption. think "Kids" plus "Trainspotting", u'll get the picture! they wanted the truth but they weren't ready to face it!...

so in that same year i concentrated on my post-addiction social drama mini-series. "W.GR" [title i'm not ready to share with public] was supposed to be my big break, but then, a couple of the proposed cast got involved with drugs IRL (in real life), & suddenly i found myself short of main actors. however, i'm still going ahead with this 1, thus my reluctance to reveal the title.

some 7 months after shelving "W.GR" in 2003, i had an idea for my 1st horror-supernatural movie. "Dr Lucid ke Premo" (2003) was filled with SFx & CGI, & again, high costs made it impossible. i'm still enthusiastic about this 1 since Hollywood still hadnt come up with such storyline yet, so far.

early this year i came up with another fresh idea, a story regarding online forums. i tried to keep it low budget this time, & i guess i succeed. but somehow "propaganda" (Feb, 2004) was also deemed sensitive & controversial so i had to make a second draft, which i'm still working on. its damn hard to re-edit a complete storyline! but i believe this 1 will see the light, once i get a willing financier. in the meantime... to the shelves!

while i was working on the rewrite, i got another idea. also internet related. "14 m pj" (Mac, 2004) was a crime-thriller but AGAIN, the producers felt it was too controversial! im starting to believe that Controversy is my middle name!... hmph!

so that made me try out a less controversial crime-thriller script. "Polisi" (Apr, 2004) is still in the works, but then again misfortune struck! my advisor fell ill & my research got abandoned about half way! had to shelf this 1 until she's fit again...

3 days after starting on "Polisi", during a blackout that deprived me of my PC, i scribbled something on paper. it developed into a whole serie consisting at least 35 mini episodes! "S.C" [title still confidential] (Apr, 2004) is still in the works & until Boomax is interested in it, i'm not letting it go to any other production house.

& on my birthday, i was struck with an idea. actually it was more like a revisited idea. forgot when was the first time i had thought it up, but i got the ending i wanted on my 38th birthday. "A.A.Z" [title still a secret] (Apr, 2004) was again deemed too sensitive & headed for the shelf, again! but as u wud know by now, i'm going ahead with it. temporarily shelved, just had to wait for the right moment.

"Jabbar Family" (May, 2004) was highly controversial too. a supernatural crime-thriller. to tell u d truth, im beginning to get tired of these controversial ideas. y do they always come to dear old me? maybe it IS my calling...

exactly 20 days after d last script, i had another idea. got it from "Snatch" actually. "Peti 2Conjus" (May, 2004) started out as a fun vehicle but suddenly it seemed that the story is pretty entertaining. problem is... high cost for the CGI & SFx. same old - same old...

i got hooked on the comedy genre for a while. "Hikayat Jejaka Malang Bab 1" (Jun, 2004) is some sort of my life story, the funnier part that is. the title was something that my BF used to term a particular chatter's misadventure. however, this time i had to freeze it due to my personal problems. a big blot in my life!...

as a result of my crisis, i came up with another "true story". "5hari" (Jun, 2004) wasn't actually shelved with a reason! maybe its just a bit too close to home... neway, it joined the rest of my scripts!

another misfortune befell me. my PC gone berserk! and during the 2 days offline, i scribbled some ideas on paper. reality tv, my next venture! it culminated from my cuz, e1's search for the best "karipap sadin bulat"! "Perjalanan Ini" (July, 2004) is a collection of a few reality tv shows, all related. now... i dont actually have a reason to shelve it, except that i wanted it to be different from the rest. thus it needed lotsa research. mostly, finding out whether there's any other production house that has similar idea.

which brings us to my latest shelved project... "Akademi Islamiah" (July, 2004) that started as an email joke. after streamlining it into something plausible & acceptable, the Fatwa Council (& Perak Mufti) started making an issue over SMS contests & TV3's SureHeboh concerts! maybe its simply not me! doing something which is religion-related. whatever it is... this "AI" thing becomes my 19th project that finds itself on the shelves.

... could it b me? some people used to tell me that my lifestyle had got something to do with my bad luck. u know... tak berkat & all those things. i dont think so. i guess its all just in my mind. maybe its sorta like self fulfilled prophecy...