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Friday, August 06, 2004

Antara Hantu Yg Tak Menakutkan...

baru lepas tenguk Van Helsing!

aku x tau samada bcoz of d genre... action-horror;
or bcoz of its CGI (computer generated images);
or bcoz im getting old!

neway, d story is nicely wrapped & well-linked.

bukan senang nak combine Frankenstein, Werewolf & Dracula... but d story is very well-presented.

start dgn Dr.Frankenstein & makhluk ciptaannya, kisah bersambung ke adventure sorang pembunuh hantu. kononnya, under the Vatican leadership, SEMUA UGAMA combine forces to fight EVIL. as usual, Caucasian Christians (sebab ni film Hollywood) yg jadi ketua, genius & hero. bangsa & ugama lain stakat jadi kuli buruh!

dgn bau James Bond yg cukup kuat, Van Helsing diberi gadgets & senjata ultra moden oleh 16th century version of Q (a friar actually, bawah sket dari padri)! yup, peralatan Van Helsing wouldnt be out of place even in this Millenium!

& boy!... the 3 bitches!... err i mean, brides. they look so realistic! & talk about cleavages! there r lot of them in this movie! dari heroine sampai la ke hantu, sama sexy. even biler dah fully transform pon masih sexy, body-wise at least!

i wudnt wanna spoil those who hasnt seen it yet, but the ending although predictable, is well done.

lets forget about logics since this genre doesnt take that into account. so my ratings:
action sequences... an 8.00
storyline... an 8.00
casting... another 8.00
presentation... also an 8.00

overall? whatelse if not 8.00! 1 of d most entertaining movie this year!
sayang... bg aku x menakutkan langsung!