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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Sampoerna yg x sempurna langsung!

aku baru abih dinner. i simply had to berasap! problem is... as bad as in a lockup masa kehabisan tembakau jawa, theres nuthin to smoke!

no dam! no fag!

aku pi kedai dekat umah, & i found out that pekedai r now really scared (no joke) to stock smuggled fags! it seems that they r taking it seriously about this kompaun RM100 for EACH PACK! & worst part? EVEN SMOKERS r liable for this ridiculous new law!

its 1 huge conspiracy by MTC, trust me!

so, terpaxa lah beli a stick of loose Sampoerna. & guess its price! 40sen!!!!!


btw, masa aku nak beli rokok, tersempak 1 of my numerous adik angkat. this boy was D ONLY PETBRO yg aku xde sexual relationship. now he's a man in his own right & i spent some 15 mins chatting. 1 thing im proud of him, he's fully independent. gave him my number, emails & blog URLs... he wrote down his email in HIS notepad. aku x tau naper dia x bg aku kertas tu, or y i dint ask that piece of paper. i hope i still remember it correctly. aku dah start sending some LFC related emails, but i'm still waiting for his 1st reply.

Irwan, if u r reading this, pls do contx ur ol' bro here. so many things to luahkan. u r d best pair of ears i've ever had all my life.