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Saturday, September 04, 2004

1st Battle of 2004

after a few years, last night i had 4 visitors!

1 was my best-friend for a few years, 2 of them (Polan & Jim) were good friends, & d 4th was is & 4ever will b d lov of my heart.

d 1st 3 was here to play a board game... "Axis & Allies". d 4th was here for some late night dinner, not supper altho it shud've been that.

altho i'm not that well & healthy, i find that my companions really cheered me up a lot! altho d game started at about 9.30 & end about 6 hrs later, its considered short. only 6 turns. such game wud've only been at its peak after 10 rounds or more.

s usual, i play Hitler, my ex-best friend was Eisenhower, Polan was my partner-in-crime as Yamamoto, while Jim played 2 roles - Lenin & Churchill.

game starts s if in January 1942. Nazi's Mediterranean fleet of f Italy had sunk British's battleship & sub. & when Japan moves it fleet in Pacific, Hawaii succumbed to d Nippons! US Navy was wiped out except for a sub & transport fleet which managed to escape to Alaskan waters. US made a mistake when they used up 20/36Million of their 1st annual budget for R&D... they failed to find d Einstein they were searching for!

by 1943, Russia lost Karelyia to Hitler, while Rommel had ceased to exist in Afrika & Britain had d continent to themselves. in Pacific, d remnants of USN were wiped out! only a sub & transport fleet now left in Atlantic & they joined up with British Navy, conquering d European waters. British Navy had avenged d loss of their battleship with d help of bombers & Spitfires based at Gibraltar, & d rest of d Nazi fleet was trapped & limited to sneak attacks by their U-Boats.

soon Nazi was building up @ Russia's door & an invasion was inevitable. that was already 1947. Nazi's panzer r ready to wipe out Moscow in a blitzkreig... but then Jim (UK&Russia) sounded d 1st sirens of fatigue & sleepiness. trying to b a gracious host of d war, Nazi had no option but to allow (d eagerness of US & Japan who'd already moved my pieces into Russia) for d make-or-break battle of Moscow.

being a veteran of quite a number of campaigns, i'd learnt that there's no way Nazi can conquer Russia solely by attacking from Karelyia, & i need @least 3 more years (rounds). d doctrines had stated that d invading army must b more than 2 times d amount of d defenders. but when Jim mentioned that he had to go back to Sepang early morning tomorro, i had to let my loose cannons (& Panzers) into a battle which they were not ready for. neway, i was feeling rather torn between entertaining my boy (who was watching Tom Cruise's Last Samurai) & concentrating on my battles.

without doubt, it was a stalemate, altho i must say that d Axis was way ahead @that point. only Russia's Yak squadrons that stood between me & Kremlin, while USAF were rebuilding in d Pacific to check Jap's advancement there. neway, credit must b given to my battalions of sharp-shooting Stromtroopers.

battle ended in 1948, & every1 went home (supposedly) happy & contented. me & my boy finished up d remaining Pringles & Sarsi... till next Friday!