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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

it's mine! it's all mine! MWAHAHAHAHA!

after dabbling with Kazaa & almost got hit by d virus attacks last year, i vowed not to get involve with downloading again. that was until my cuz introduced me to Warez. then another cuz introduced Ares. (BTW both cuz r named e1!)

neway, i found Ares quite fast, compared to Kazaa, that is. thus my involvment again this year. since then i'd downloaded (among others):

1/ ALL 4 versions of Linkin Park's "breaking d habit" videoclips (VCs);
2/ kevin lyttle's "turn me on" vc;
3/ MJ's "they dont care about us" (censored version) vc;
4/ eminem's "stan" vc;
5/ dido's (unplugged version) "thank u" vc;
6/ "i dont wanna kno" vc;
7/ "9/11 fahrenheit" docu;
8/ "passion of the christ" movie;
9/ "shrek 2" movie;
10/ MJ's 30th anniversary concert.

& countless hentai posters of sexy digimon & dragonball characters. oh... & live ones of cors... & certainly of my fave age-group. btw, i even hav young ex-leeds players alan smith & harry kewell doing u kno what, mind u, d whole works! it was when they were still 18-19 & boy they were good then! ... in bed i mean. evry1 already knows how good they were on field...

i also downloaded (watched & deleted) a wrongly titled "madison ave" (??? - i think) movie. d stupid owner titled it as "911 fahrenheit"! fortunately d movie was a cool art-noire flick & despite it lost audio in d final 1/4 of d movie, its still comprehensible & pretty good... altho d ending was somewhat confusing (due to it being audioless).

i'm now in d process of downloading "punisher" (2nd half)... this 1 was also wrongly titled as "full" instead of "1/2" (1 out of 2)...

neway, i must say i'm beginning to like this downloading thingy. & i'm still looking for "my own private idaho" & "lord of the flies", & i guess till i get them, i will keep on searching & downloading...