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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Killer Tsunami!

at 7.59am, d strongest (8.9 magnitude) quake since 1964 hit West Sumatra & d resulting tsunami effects went s far s Maldives! ... & Malaysia wasn't spared!

Waves pounding on the shores of Penang.

sad to say, d island of Sumatera cudn't provide cover to Malaysia...

Jln Tg Tokong, Penang!

32 people died in Penang (mostly picnickers who were lunching or strolling - 13 of them kids below 14y.o), 16 alone when 30METERS WAVE hit d popular beach Batu Feringghi! 4 more were reported missing.

(L)Patong, Phuket, Thailand..... (R)Mohd Adam Abd Aziz (5) - Penang

further north, 10 fishing villages were flattened in Kedah - d state where Langkawi is situated. 10METERS wave killed 10 ppl (7 of them old folks above 60y.o).

Trail of destruction in Kuala Chenang, Langkawi.

3 more died from states further South! all of them were living on d beaches.

1st time it ever reached this paradise on Earth!

a lady who was picnicking with her family were @sea when suddenly d waves rose s high s 5 METERS & hit d beach! 3 of her family members (her sister, nephew & niece) were swept away...

another lady was sitting by d beach with her pregnant daughter & her son when d wave hit d beach! d pregnant daughter was gone in a matter of seconds!

Sri Lanka - est. 4,500 / (est. 1,600)
India - est. 3,000 / (thousands!)
Indonesia - 4,185 / (est. 1,000)
Thailand - est. 1,000 including 2 Malaysians / (500)
Malaysia - 45 / (141)
Maldives - 32, incl 1 British / (51 missing)
Myanmar - 10 / (not available)
Bangladesh - 2 / (not available)