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Sunday, June 19, 2005

After 3 Months, a recap...

Hari ni genap 3 bulan aku dah x tulis apa2 kat sini. Bz pulak utk menaip di sini, tapi aku akan cuba lebih kerapkan lagi perapuan aku, maybe @least seminggu sekali.


recap a bit apa yg dah berlaku...

hujung Mac...
aku kembali berlakon after hiatus for about 3 years.
tentang lakonan aku - aku rasa mcm dah x sesuai utk aku jd penagih umo 20thn... aku dah nak masuk 40 dah! take note pls... dear Ilna.
tentang co-star - bukan Paoseaw Mahe (spt yg diberitau pd aku dulu), tp Caldema Ases (or lebih mesra dgn nama Kak Dem). superb actress, s alwez. dulu prnah berlakon sama 2-3 kali. alwez good chemistry in our scenes... & lady, @ur age, u r still attractive.
tentang arahan - Ilna is Ilna. cool, controlled, mechanical. very nice to work with.
tentang produxi - M'sian standard. Low budget std tp berjalan lancar. Adequately sufficient. spt biasa, Hollywood menangis kalo dpt tau bajet kita kat M'sia! my request of not using own wardrobe, was brushed away... not 1 to make a scene before shooting a scene, mujo aku bawak aku nyer own wardrobe "penagih" from earlier dramas. hmph!...
tentang bayaran - frust x dpt nak discuss dgn producer tp dpt 1st payment promptly, thanx.
tentang fans - gambar diambil, otograf disain... nama ditonjol, fame dikecap jap @a very limited level. again, perfect!
overall - still in love with d life, but only when i can't direct own movie.

after my birthday, which falls on a Saturday... (but i miss my babyboy to celebrate it with!), d following monday i followed parents & aunt to a health center. below, an excerpt from my email to my e-group of ex-batchmates.

------START OF EMAIL-------

more than 2 months ago, my Mommy gave me a
pamphlet/flyer. she had been going to a "Health
Center" with my Bapak, after being introduced by a

i promptly read thru d flyer & it didn't even took me
5 minutes to reject d whole thing s nothing more but
an advertisement of, either a half-effective "health
equiptment" which would cost me a fortune like Ogawa,
or a similarly media-hyped half-effective dietary
program, or some sort of supplementary tablets which
cost more than ur daily budget for mamak.

how wrong i was.

during our weekly family dinner over d weekend, Bapak
started telling about these cheerful group of OAG (Old
Age Group) who was just a week ago a bunch of old,
weak, resigned (s in waiting for d final call from
God) & hopeless (in terms of recovering from chronic
illnesses) bunch of elderly folks. understandably, we
wud b likewise if we r above 60 with 3-4-5-or even
6-serangkai illnesses. u kno, d chronic 1s like
diabetes, high blood, lung, heart or kidney problems,

these same group of people r now penning sajaks,
pantuns, even going on stage SINGING! i got more
interested, but s alwez, my mind is more on HOW TO
CAPITALIZE ON D SITUATION. i'm thinking along d lines
of making a script about an old folks home, or
something which makes full use of d abundant (&
depleting) band of aged bangsawan veterans we hav in

pendek cerita, after a quick browse on their website,
& after my parents convincing me that ther r even
young primary schoolboys doing d "treatment", i agreed
to follow them 2d center. it was Mommy's 45th
treatment, & Bapak's 40th.

1st requirement, dresscode: an all-white kit. t-shirt
& track bottoms. ok...
2nd, a white (s thin s possible) bedsheet. hmmm...
reminds me of SDAR.
3rd, a blanket, d thicker d better.

then Mommy said, "Bawak buku kalau boring takut kena
tunggu lama...". ermm... no1 said about having to
wait!?!?! Mommy added, "tapi utk org baru, dorang lagi
suka kalau kita dengar presentation dorang." i still
brought along my non-fiction fave 1,604-page "Parallel
Lives of Hitler & Stalin".

we reached there late morning, around 11am. my 1st
impression was... it looks like some kursus haji! old
folks in all white, hijabs & kopiahs, even a purdah.
there were 2 groups ahead of us waiting OUTSIDE d
premise (a 2-lot groundfloor shophouse in Hartamas).
in each group ther r 32 people/"users". we r in Group
#9, we'll finish our treatment in d afternoon, by
4pm!!! WTF?!?!?! no1 said about having to wait FOUR
HOURS for a 40minute treatment!!!

i sat on my light-blue stool. absorbing d surroundings
& atmosphere, 1st i realized d reality of LIFE, people
will come for nething that is FREE. but when i study d
works of d system, then i realized d reality of

so i hav to tell u how d queue works.(!)

but to tell this, i hav to bring u forward, to my 12th
day of treatment. i started going to d centre @ 3 AM!
yup, PUKUL TIGA PAGI! just 2b in Group #1!!! only then
i understand d full scenario...

d 1st person/couple arrives. Each person's BAG will
represent him/her. Bag will then b placed on d floor
in front of d premise, beside a small iron peg in d
floor. Subsequent arrivals will put their bags behind
this bag#1, & soon some1 with a string will loop d
bags so that no LATECOMERS/QUEUE-CUTTERS can place
their bags ahead of any1 when nobody's looking! EACH
it a point among themselves to keep an eye on d
forming queue.

approx. 4.45am:
normally Group#1 will b filled. 32 users per group.
now user#33 will b leading a new queue of bags, Group

approx. 5.15am:
Group#2 filled, Group #3 start queue.

approx. b4 Subuh:
Group#3 filled, Group#4 start.

Prayers led by a Bomba guy or a Tabligh dude who sells
kueh & bfast dishes from his van. We pray right on d
sidewalk corridor of d premise. There's also a Surau
above Warung Don, & another @ProJet nearby.

Indon Cleaners open d metal door, & urs truly will b d
1 distributing d 96 stools to Groups #1-#3. Red stools
for Group#1, Blue for G#2, LightBlue for G#3. by this
time usually there r @least 6 queues/groups had
already formed! since there r only stools for d 1st 3
groups, d rest just had to carry on seating on their

Back to a nearby Mamak Restaurant (with exorbitant
price! Hartamas, remember?) Ther's another 1hr &
15mins to kill b4 d 1st Group is allowed INTO d

Group#1 stand beside their bags & stools like
schoolkids. we r then allowed inside, exchanging our
color-coded stools for a Number Tag with a Group Color
(unrelated to Stool Color). u r then greeted by d
staff all lined-up: Harun (Manager), Cat (Asst.Man),
Syiqin (senior Customer Care [CC]), Mel, Azie, Ana,
Juli, Emma & Mariam. we will b seated according to d
numbers, according to our Group. Group #1, Blue Chairs
- Front Left. Group#2, White Chairs - Front Right,
Group#3, Yellow Chairs - Back.
Harun will then give a short talk before a simple
stretching by every1.

Group#1 move to their beds. Group#2 move on to Blue
Chairs, G#3 to White chairs, & G#4 (outside) will fill
in d Yellow chairs @d back, & so on so forth!

During d treatment, d staff will fill d time (another
180mins) by giving presentations. occasionally,
veteran users will share their xprience in these
sessions. masa ni lah dorang (org2 tua) tunjuk bakat!

40mins later:
G#1 finished treatment, G#2's turn on d beds.

ok... d point is...

- they come daily starting from 3AM
- from s far s USJ, Shah Alam, Kelang, Ulu Kelang,
Keramat, Melawati, even d xtreme 1s from Seremban! not
to mention those from Brunei, Singapore & Indonesia
who stayed over with relatives/family in Klang Valley
juz 4d treatment!!
- they waited s long s 6hrs DAILY for a 40minute
treatment! if u r lucky, @PRESENT, afternoon sessions
x ramai. u might even get to go for treatment str8
away if ur timing's perfect! but ther's also a
possibility that if u came too late, habis nombor.
since they only cater for 12 sessions per day (9 on
saturdays), ther's a chance that u r d 385th person
that day, & hence hav to come again next time!


AJAIB kan? aku sempat jumpa bomoh minang yg dah
ketagih dtg treatment!

this makes me realize that: if they went thru all d

d best info u can get is from d veteran users
themselves! simply amazing! its nothing short of a

in fact, yesterday a 65 yr old nenek (name Hjh
Habibah) of 31 grandkids were actually singing &
half-"gelek"ing in from of a crowd of about 100. she
came ALL D WAY FROM MEDAN for d treatment (& now her
daughter is calling her home since there's now a
similar center just opened in Medan)! it was her 1st
time on d mic so she was understandably nervous but d
point is, this was d same old lady who came in with a
tongkat 2 months ago, needing to pause for breath
every 10 steps!

then there's d oldest "user". a 91y.o guy (Pak Murad)
who also came with a cane 4 months ago, along with his
85y.o jealous(!) wife. he has blood disorder besides
darah tinggi. during his last medical check-up (late
April) d doctors were baffled and declared that Pak
Murad has d blood quality of a 25yr old man, his exact
words... "darah orang muda"! now he comes to d center
cane-less, often without his wife, & believe it or
not, he's started to sound like 1 heck of an old horny
pervert! but he alwez remind us not to tell his wife
about his miang-ness when she wasn't around. lately
she has been quite a kaki cubit! no wonder then, that
we now call Pak Murad s d "jejaka 19thn"!

then there's 85y.o Pak Ayob who despite being
veeeeeery shaky with his tongkat & left arm in sling,
he will scold ne1 who attempts to help him! that's
after 2 weeks, now he's still shaky, but there's
something else about him that makes u wonder. yup,
he's getting VERY MIANG!

------END OF EMAIL-------

now, ther's also something else there. eligible females.. 6 19-32y.o gals.

to be continued.